Hello everyone,

From the start of January 2016 the ‘Goldthorpe Development Group’  introduced an interesting new element to the website. A dedicated section to our ‘Honorary Supporters’.

These are notable people of integrity and high standing who are supporting the work we do. We will be unveiling several additional supporters to the site over the course of the year.

Dr Joann Fletcher – PHD

We proudly present ‘Britain’s most famous and charismatic Egyptologist’ as our supporter. Best known for her academic achievements in developing our knowledge of the ancient world with a string of publications to her name. In addition to this, Dr Fletcher has researched, written and presented dozens of highly acclaimed documentaries bringing fresh insight into the lives of the Ancient Egyptians.

A Personal endorsement from such a respected individual means so much to us.

“Keep up the great work ‘Goldthorpe Development Group'” – Jo Fletcher”

Dr Selina Wray – PHD MSC

The ‘Goldthorpe Development Group’ are delighted to present one of Britain’s leading research Neuroscientists as our supporter. Best known for ground breaking research into Dementia at UCL The Institute of Neurology as an Alzheimer’s Research UK  Research Fellow. Her research aims to generate induced pluripotent stem cells and neurons as cell models for neurological disease, with a particular focus on frontotemporal dementia. The research is part of a longer term strategy to development new dementia treatments.

We are so proud of you Selina and honoured to have you as a supporter.

“I am proud of the achievements made by ‘Goldthorpe Development Group'” – Selina Wray”

Irwin Mitchell Solicitors


The ‘Goldthorpe Development Group’ are delighted to present one of Britain’s leading Law Firms as our supporter. Best known for the quality of legal professionalism offered, Irwin Mitchell is the 20th largest law firm in the UK and amongst the top 50 in Europe. Nationally acclaimed, with a strong international capability, the firm offers a broad range of legal services to national and international organisations and institutions, small and medium-sized businesses and private individuals. Irwin Mitchell were proud winners of the ‘Private Client Team Of the Year’ at the legal business Awards 2016.

“We are pleased to support the excellent work of the ‘Goldthorpe Development Group'” – Irwin Mitchell Solicitors”