Goldthorpe Development Group Quarterly Update

GOLDTHORPE DEVELOPMENT GROUP would like to announce its quarterly volunteer update on activities from January 1st 2016 until 31st March. During what is traditionally our quiet quarter we clocked up 539 volunteer hours.

Activities included the following:

During this quarter we collectively gathered 67 bags of street rubbish and one giant skip of rubbish to help keep our area clean and tidy.

We held four Bingo and mingle events so Goldthorpe residents could to get together and have a good time at the ‘Comrades Club’.

We moved two tonnes of earth and overgrowth in phase two of the street planter refurbishment campaign in preparation for new planting.

Held three over 60’s events at the ‘Unity Club’ Goldthorpe to help older people in Goldthorpe and surrounding areas get out and meet new people in addition to health and wellness advice for all those that attended.

Holding Sunday Boot Sales at the Goldthorpe Market helping draw in visitors and residents in a convivial atmosphere enjoyed by all.

Provided a Children’s Easter party catering for nearly 100 local children held at the ‘Comrades Club’ Goldthorpe.

Psychic evening at the ‘Comrades Club’ Goldthorpe with nearly 100 attendees as one of our fundraising activities. In addition to numerous raffles and other fundraising activities throughout the quarter.

During all events and activities a loyal band of volunteers are on stand to ensure events/activities are performed to the highest of standards.

During this quarter the Goldthorpe Developpement Group also introduced the external ‘Honorary Supporters’ scheme. This is whereby well respected or exalted individuals or groups support the aims and ambitions of our group,

World famous Egyptologist Dr Joann Fletcher supports the work we do.-‘KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK GOLDTHORPE DEVELOPMENT GROUP’ – Dr J Fltecher

Also, one of Britain’s most respected Neuroscientists Dr Selina Wray is one our treasured supporters.-I’M PROUD OF THE ACHIEVEMENTS MADE BY THE GOLDTHORPE DEVELOPMENT GROUP’ – Dr S Wray

Followed by one of Britain’s most respected and well established legal firms, Irwin Mitchell Solicitor’s, backing us every step of the way. – AMAZING WORK’ -Irwin Mitchell

None of this would be possible without our valued and loved members and volunteers whom give so much to make Goldthorpe a better place for all. Many of our treasured members/volunteers shun the limelight and photographic representation but remain the spiritual and physical backbone of what we do.

We would also like to thank the following whom helped make it possible during this quarter:

ASDA, Goldthorpe
Unity Club, Goldthorpe
Comrades Club, Goldthorpe
Café Bijou, Goldthorpe
Barnsley Council
Post Office, Goldthorpe
Hollygrove, Goldthorpe
Terry’s DIY, Goldthorpe
Staff at Goldthorpe Library
Shony Tubs bathbomb and beauty shop, Goldthorpe
JJ’s Chippy, Goldthorpe
Women’s WI, Goldthorpe
Dearne Stay Fit, Goldthorpe
Mick’s News, Goldthorpe
Petite Fleur, Goldthorpe
Twigg’s asistance
Smalley’s Fish Bar, Goldthorpe

And all others whom have been of great help, thank you.

Best regards from all at the ‘Goldthorpe Development Group’
Aaron Poole – Public Relations Officer GDG